AT&T TV NOW vs. DIRECTV | What’s the Difference?

AT&T has rolled out a bunch of exciting changes lately, so we took the liberty of breaking down the basics so you know what’s what—starting with AT&T TV NOW vs. DIRECTV.

Put simply, DIRECTV is the same satellite TV service you know and love. In order to watch DIRECTV, you have to have a satellite dish professionally installed on the outside of your home, anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. AT&T TV NOW, on the other hand, is an internet streaming service. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection (no satellite or cables necessary). 

Directv is satellite tv
ATT TV is Internet streaming service

Streaming vs. Traditional Satellite TV

In the past, if you wanted to watch TV, your only options were either traditional satellite TV or cable. In today’s world, you have a third option: streaming services. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications team, internet-streaming services are on the rise: “69% of consumers pay for some type of internet video streaming service, while only 65% of consumers pay for cable or satellite subscriptions.” 

43% of consumers pay for both traditional TV and internet streaming services. While each generation differs in TV preferences, a common theme is apparent: more and more people are piecing together different services to get the content they want. Deloitte cleverly refers to this phenomenon as the “media puzzle.” 

Why get DIRECTV?

The most obvious reason to get DIRECTV is that it’s available almost everywhere, even in rural areas. If you have a roof with access to the southern sky, you can watch satellite TV. Cable, on the other hand, has limited locations, and if your local internet service provider isn’t up to par, streaming might not be the best solution. DIRECTV is the easy answer for most people. 

Will bad weather affect the quality of satellite TV? Today’s technology is designed to weather life’s storms, and DIRECTV boasts high signal reliability—so you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies, virtually uninterrupted. 

Which option gives me the most sports? DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports, and the only TV provider who gives you every live out-of-market football game, every Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. But football is just the beginning—watch all your favorite teams and specialty sports all season long in stunning 4K when available. 

How expensive is DIRECTV? DIRECTV offers six different packages, so you can choose the package to best fit your budget and lifestyle. The most affordable package is DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT All-Included, which starts at $54.99/mo. for 12 mos. plus taxes & RSN fee.

How many channels can I watch with DIRECTV? The number of channels you get depends on which package you choose. The top package is PREMIER All-Included, which gives you 330+ live channels, and over 65,000 titles on demand. Premium channels like HBO®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ®.

What devices can I use to watch DIRECTV? Watch DIRECTV on any TV or smart TV, and even download the DIRECTV App to stream shows on your tablet or mobile device on the go. You can watch on up to five screens at once, and stream on demand programming.

Why else might I choose DIRECTV? Everyone who signs up for DIRECTV service gets a free Genie HD DVR. Forget about recording conflicts—Genie lets you record up to five shows at once, and stream over 200 hours of your favorite entertainment. Furthermore, DIRECTV offers more channels than AT&T TV NOW.

Why Get AT&T TV NOW?

AT&T TV NOW (formerly DIRECTV NOW) is the perfect solution for anyone looking to avoid any sort of installation or contract. AT&T TV NOW allows you to pay month-to-month and cancel anytime, without the commitment of an annual contract. Because there’s no installation, there’s also no wait-time. Sign up right away and start watching TV immediately.

How expensive is AT&T TV NOW?

You can choose from a variety of AT&T TV NOW packages, including Plus for $65/mo., and MAX for $80/mo.

How many channels can I watch with AT&T TV NOW?

The number of channels you get will depend on which package you choose. The highest amount is ULTIMATE, which gives you 125+ channels. 

Can I add on channels to my AT&T TV NOW package?

Absolutely. Add sports, Spanish channels, international TV packages, and premium channels like SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, or CINEMAX® for just $11/mo. each, EPIX for $6/mo., and Movies Extra Pack for $5/mo.

What devices are compatible with AT&T TV NOW?

The AT&T TV App is compatible with almost all devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Android, Chrome, and Safari. For a comprehensive list, check here

What else does AT&T TV NOW offer?

Besides the freedom of no annual contract or cables, the PLUS and MAX AT&T TV NOW packages give you HBO® included, along with a Cloud DVR—including 20 hours of free storage, so you can start recording all your favorites right away.

Can I try AT&T TV NOW before I buy? If you’re a new customer, just sign up for the PLUS, MAX, or international packages to get a free seven-day trial.

Which Service is Right for Me?

Both DIRECTV and AT&T TV NOW (formerly DIRECTV NOW) offer a variety of services you’ll love. What you choose depends on your current lifestyle and needs. If you want the highest channel count, more sports, and NFL SUNDAY TICKET—or you live in a rural area—DIRECTV is the better choice. If you don’t want the commitment of an annual contract or don’t want to install a satellite dish, AT&T TV NOW is a great choice. 

And if you really can’t decide, you can always piece together your own media puzzle and get both. The southern sky is the limit! 

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