Your Complete Guide to DIRECTV Installation

In this guide, learn more about:

  • DIRECTV’s professional installation that comes included at no extra cost.1
  • The three easy steps to getting DIRECTV service in your home.
  • How to prepare for your DIRECTV installation appointment.

Leave DIRECTV Installation to the Pros

When you order your DIRECTV package, a standard professional installation comes at no extra cost.1 Schedule your appointment after purchasing your package, and a technician will install your DIRECTV service to the one, two—or ten—devices in your home.

DIRECTV Installation Made Easy

Order package.

Find the DIRECTV package that fits your entertainment needs, from 160 to 250+ premium channels. Or bundle your DIRECTV package with AT&T Internet and get more of what you love.

Schedule appointment.

After you submit your order, you’ll be prompted to schedule your DIRECTV installation. Simply make sure you schedule a time when an adult 18 or older will be present.

Receive installation.

A professional DIRECTV technician will install your DIRECTV dish while ensuring your devices properly connect to your DIRECTV service.

How to Prepare for Your DIRECTV Installation

How to Prepare for Your DIRECTV Installation
  • Make sure an adult 18 or older will be present for the entire installation appointment.
  • The installation technician will need access to your home  either indoors or on your roof, depending on where they install your DIRECTV dish. They’ll look for the spot with the best signal strength.
  • Technicians are not allowed to move TVs or furniture in your home. Make sure they have easy access to outlets and wires for a smooth installation.
  • After the technician completes the DIRECTV installation, they will show you how to use your system and answer any questions.
  • The technician will remove any boxes, tools, or equipment you may not need after they’ve completed the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions About DIRECTV Installation

How much does it cost to get DIRECTV installed?

A standard professional DIRECTV installation comes at no extra cost when you order a DIRECTV package. However, some AT&T services may require more work and equipment, such as cabling or changing phone lines. In that situation, the technician will offer you a Custom Work Rate Sheet, which you can review for approval. Instead of receiving a bill for those services, you’ll pay the technician directly.

How long does it take for DIRECTV to install?

Depending on your home situation (number of screens, installation location, etc.), a DIRECTV installation can take between 2–5 hours. An adult 18 or older must be present for the entire installation, so please schedule accordingly.

Can I install DIRECTV myself?

We have highly skilled professionals trained to do the DIRECTV installation effectively and efficiently. We do not provide a self-install kit, but we’ll send a technician to do the work for you. You can sit back and relax—this one’s on us.

1Custom installation extra. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation.

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