Your State’s Favorite Daytime TV Show

Murder, love triangles, baby daddies, and millionaires—there’s just something about daytime TV you gotta love.


Anyone who’s ever “stayed home sick from work” or skipped school knows the truth: you spend the day binging on good ol’ daytime television. We’re talking Family Feud, Dr. Phil, Wheel of Fortune—guilty pleasures you’ll never admit to liking but can’t get enough of.

Our team at USDirect got to thinking: what are the most-popular daytime TV shows in each state? To find out, we started with a list of all currently airing daytime TV shows (excluding Sunday morning programs), then looked at Google search volume of each show from the past year by state and compiled a list of the most-watched daytime TV shows in America.


Can you guess your state’s favorite daytime guilty pleasure?

Check the map below to see if you’re right.

Fun Findings

  • Indiana has an affinity for game shows where contestants can win money—they’re also the state with the most lottery winners since 1992.
  • Oklahoma searches for Dr. Phil more than any other state (makes sense, since that’s where he’s from).
  • Nevada is obsessed with Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, and unsurprisingly so—Gardnerville Ranchos and Elko are among the top 20 small towns with the highest concentration of millionaires in the U.S. (with no state income tax and modest property taxes to boot).
  • Georgia’s favorite show is Sister Circle, which is filmed in Atlanta.
  • Game show was the most popular category, with 18 states choosing one of the seven game shows on our list.
  • Despite Ellen DeGeneres being from Louisiana, residents there prefer The Young and the Restless.
  • New Jersey loves General Hospital, which has been running for 55 years (over 14,000 episodes). That makes the show older than the average resident (39 years).
  • Despite the fact that Good Morning America has “been the most watched morning show… since Summer 2012,” New Hampshire is its only die-hard fan.

Ever wonder what your neighbors watch all day? This list might give you an idea.

    Alabama: Paternity Court
    Alaska: The Dr. Oz Show
    Arizona: The Price is Right
    Arkansas: Dr. Phil
    California: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    Colorado: DAILY BLAST LIVE
    Connecticut: The People’s Court
    Delaware: Hot Bench
    Florida: Supreme Justice with Judge Karen
    Georgia: Sister Circle
    Hawaii: The Dr. Oz Show
    Idaho: Dr. Phil
    Illinois: Judge Mathis
    Indiana: Let’s Make a Deal
    Iowa: The Dr. Oz Show
    Kansas: Dr. Phil
    Kentucky: Dr. Phil
    Louisiana: The Young and the Restless
    Maine: Jeopardy!
    Maryland: The Real
    Massachusetts: Funny You Should Ask
    Michigan: The Doctors
    Minnesota: The Price is Right
    Mississippi: Wheel of Fortune
    Missouri: Hot Bench
    Montana: Dr. Phil
    Nebraska: The Price is Right
    Nevada: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    New Hampshire: Good Morning America
    New Jersey: General Hospital
    New Mexico: The Doctors
    New York: The View
    North Carolina: Family Feud
    North Dakota: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    Ohio: The Price is Right
    Oklahoma: Dr. Phil
    Oregon: TMZ Live
    Pennsylvania: The View
    Rhode Island: The Today Show
    South Carolina: Jeopardy!
    South Dakota: The Price is Right
    Tennessee: Maury
    Texas: Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez
    Utah: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    Vermont: Jeopardy!
    Virginia: Jeopardy!
    Washington: Jeopardy!
    West Virginia: Days of our Lives
    Wisconsin: The Price is Right
    Wyoming: Wheel of Fortune

 Next time you’re staying home from work or school and looking for something to watch, browse this list of daytime TV shows and count on DIRECTV’s 99% reliable signal to keep you entertained all day long.

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