Each State's Favorite Female-Led TV Show

Girls run the world—just ask Beyoncé. And as it’s Women’s History Month, we at USDirect figured there’s no better time to celebrate all the incredible women in our lives.

We were especially curious about the most popular female-led TV shows in each state, ranging from Gilmore Girls to New Girl to Parks and Recreation. As Leslie Knope so poignantly said, “Maybe it’s time for more women to be in charge.” We couldn’t say it better.

Fascinating Finds

Strong female-led shows are everywhere, and even have their own category on Netflix and other streaming services. Our research found that the two most popular shows in nine states are Jane the Virgin and Parks and Recreation, followed by How to Get Away with Murder in seven states.

It’s little surprise that Florida prefers Jane the Virgin, where the show is filmed, and residents from Kansas to Washington can’t get enough of Parks and Rec’s Leslie, April, Ann, and Donna (not to mention the occasional Tammy). Utah especially loves Parks and Rec—and with five national parks, it makes sense.

Call the Midwife, a beloved TV show from England, is equally adored in Maine and New Hampshire (guess it’s not called New England for nothing). In Vermont, where Gilmore Girls tops Google searches for female-led shows, a Burlington eatery became Luke’s Diner for a day in anticipation of the show’s Netflix reboot.

Connecticut residents prefer Big Little Lies—an HBO series about female friendships and domestic violence. It adds up, since one in three Connecticut criminal court cases involve family violence.

New Yorkers can’t get enough of Sex and the City, a show that flaunts the dreamy lifestyles of affluent Manhattanites. In the words of Sarah Jessica Parker, “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free.” Whatever the role, whatever the show, female-led, strong, powerful, clever protagonists are everywhere—and we salute them.

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We looked at 2018’s Google Trends search volume of popular television shows with a strong female lead in order to determine each state’s favorite.

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