UPDATE: We chose our captain for the S.S. $1,000 Shark Week Dream Job

After chumming the waters with our $1,000 Shark Week Dream Job, we got more bites than expected. Like, 5,600 more bites. 

Over 5,000 applied, but only one shark fanatic took the bait. So who’s the Captain Quint of our 25-foot-long oceanic killing machine? 

We’re paying New Orleans native Remy Dee $1,000 to watch every minute of the 2020 Shark Week. Here’s why.

Remy Dee is Dancing with the Sharks, Cage-Free

It’s one thing to say you love sharks, but it’s another to actually mean it—after checking out her video submission, we know Remy Dee means it.

Remy Dee’s been fascinated with the infamous cartilaginous creatures since she first saw Jaws at age 12. Fast forward just a few years, and Remy Dee was SCUBA certified, rubbing elbows with nurse sharks and bull sharks like it was no big deal.

When she’s not tuning in to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week or prepping dinner on her shark-themed sushi tray, Remy Dee works as a burlesque entertainer in New Orleans. She even has a shark-themed routine, complete with a shark outfit and one very creative use for a set of Jaws-inspired rhinestones.

After Discovery’s Shark Week comes to an end, check back here for Remy Dee’s findings and thoughts on Shark Week 2020.

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