Is Cable or Satellite Better For Your Business?

Don’t overlook the little things when you’re choosing a TV provider for your business. In this article you’ll find all of the small but significant factors that make it easy to pick the right service for you.

How Do Cable And Satellite Stack Up? 

When it comes to the question of cable vs. satellite, there are quite a few things to consider. Both services require special equipment and—unless you are extraordinarily tech-savvy—you’ll need professional installation, but there are plenty of factors that separate these two options. In this article, we’ll compare the channel selection, pricing and other considerations to help you decide what TV service is best for your business.

Who Has The Best Channels?

Cable and satellite each have their own niche of television programming that they’ve mastered. Determining what your customers want to watch will have a significant impact on which service you choose. As a whole, Satellite services offer a larger selection of channels and are especially suited for people with an interest in sports or international programming. Cable, on the other hand, excels with providing local programming that is often overlooked by satellite services.

Check The Price Tag

Pricing is hard to pin down with cable, as different cable providers service different parts of the country with a variety of packages, however, there are a few consistent elements across brands and locations. While satellite services typically require at least a year-long commitment, cable usually offers month-to-month contracts, making it a good option for renters. That said, not all service packages are made equal. While you have to make a bit more of a commitment, satellite offers a lower monthly payment and a larger channel selection for the price.  

Other Things You Should Know

Because satellite television relies on an uninterrupted connection, there are a few added considerations. First, satellites always have to be installed facing south, which means you need access to a south-facing wall in your complex. Second, landmarks such as trees, buildings, and mountains can affect the clarity of your signal, so you want to make sure your view (and the satellite’s) is reasonably clear to the south. With a good connection, satellite tends to have a higher quality picture than cable and can reach locations that cable doesn’t. That said, cost-effective bundle options for phone, internet, and TV aren’t available with Satellite.

The Take-Away

There’s a lot to take into account when choosing between cable and satellite services. If you’re looking for local programming with your contract, look to cable. You’ll also get contract flexibility with cable, however, the price tends to be a bit higher. If you aren’t worried about a year-long commitment and your location can accommodate a satellite installation, satellite offers better channel selections at the same price point, including an array of sports and international entertainment. 

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