DIRECTV for Bars and Restaurants

Get the benefits of DIRECTV for your bar or restaurant.

In today’s market, providing 5-star service at your bar or restaurant isn’t just about the way you treat your customers. The experience your customers have depends on more r than the food and drinks you serve; it’s also in the atmosphere you create for customers and employees alike. 

So, how can you create an atmosphere that your customers and employees will enjoy? The answer is simple—offer entertainment they can’t resist with DIRECTV for bars and restaurants

With DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS, engage your customers and employees and market your establishment in a way that gets you noticed. Read on to learn more benefits of DIRECTV for restaurants and bars.

DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS brings better sports entertainment

Today, more than 1 million restaurants currently operate in the United States. So if you’re looking to keep a competitive edge, adding sports to your menu should be a no-brainer!

Sports entertainment has always been in DIRECTV’s DNA. From NFL Sunday Ticket to MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass, DIRECTV is the go-to for all the best games and sports. Now, with Amazon Prime Video and DIRECTV Thursday Night Football lovers can enjoy pregame, halftime, and post-game coverage in more than 300,000 sports bars and restaurants across the U.S.

Sports are best enjoyed with a crowd and DIRECTV has what you need to become that go-to spot for locals.

People cheer inside a bar as they watch a soccer game.

Increase customer loyalty with DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS

Since so many restaurants provide high-quality food and service, managers need a way to set themselves apart from competitors and appeal to customers. DIRECTV is sure to brighten up your bar or restaurant, making your sports bar’s TVs the go-to for all things entertainment. 

According to Touch Bistro’s recent survey on how diners choose restaurants, 42% of Millennials said entertainment offerings influence their decision to eat somewhere. DIRECTV for restaurants and bars can help your establishment drive traffic during slow times and boost sales of high-margin items, such as appetizers, snacks, and drinks.

Build customer loyalty and increase your business’s reach by giving your customers something to look forward to every visit.

DirecTV MVP Marketing Program Logo

The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program

Another key way to ensure more people come to your establishment? Improve your marketing. 

The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program provides you and your business with the necessary tools to promote your bar or restaurant. Make your establishment the place to be for game days with DIRECTV’s premium sports packages for your business.

The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program includes complimentary POS marketing materials, a customized homepage and sports schedule, and advice from industry experts and business owners. All you need to do is create an account, order your merchandise, and get ready to promote your business.

 Retain your current employees with DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS

Showing your current employees that they are appreciated is more important than ever. According to the National Restaurant Association’s May 2022 tracking survey, 58% of operators said recruiting and retaining employees is the top challenge currently facing their business.

When looking to overcome that challenge, having a break room that promotes relaxation is a great place to start. A standard break room should have basic kitchen appliances such as a fridge, microwave, and sink as well as silverware, couches, tables, and chairs. 

But, if you want to show extra appreciation for your hardworking employees, offering TV entertainment is a great idea. Grab their attention and keep it by adding a DIRECTV plan to the break room. DIRECTV packages for business give your employees access to live-action sporting events, breaking news events, local programs, and much more—allowing your establishment to stand apart from the competition.


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