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Great entertainment backed by superior customer service and technical support.
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I want to set up a new or additional service

phone CALL 1.844.236.9800

I have billing or technical questions

phone CALL 1.888.388.4249
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phone CALL 1.888.388.4249
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DIRECTV for BUSINESS Customer Support Is Here to Help

Back your company’s entertainment with capable business service and support from DIRECTV for BUSINESS. Whether you’re experiencing technical anomalies or simply have questions about your service, trained agents are ready to put you at ease.

phone CALL 1.844.236.9800
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What Is the DIRECTV for BUSINESS Support Phone Number?

Call 1.888.388.4249 to receive customer support from our trained representatives, or check out our Tips N Tricks brochure for Public and Private viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact DIRECTV for BUSINESS customer support?

To speak with a trained customer support agent, call 1.888.388.4249.

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What is the DIRECTV for BUSINESS technical support number?

If you’re looking for technical support, call 1.888.388.4249 to connect with trained customer support specialists.

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How do I find my DIRECTV for BUSINESS account number?

Look for a nine-digit number on your bill, this is your account number.

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Is there an early termination fee?

Yes, as with most TV service providers, there is an early termination fee for canceling your TV service before your contract ends. The exact amount depends on the remaining length of the contract and varies between private, public, and business subscribers.

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What kind of promotional offers do you have right now?

Visit the homepage or call 1.844.236.9800  to find deals and the best package for your business. A representative will help you build your plan from start to finish, including finding the best channel lineup to suit your needs. DIRECTV for BUSINESS offers everything—HD channels, sports programming, local channels, music options, premium channels, and more.

phone 1.844.236.9800
phone Call 1.844.236.9800 to order DIRECTV today