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45+ channels

Plus tax. For 12 mos. w/ 24-mo. agmt.* $39.99/mo. after 12 mos. (subject to change).

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Claim based on offering of exclusive premiums, Nat’l Sport channels and Regional Sports Networks with the DIRECTV XTRA™ Package. Availability of RSNs varies by ZIP code. Premiums are offered at an additional cost.

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The clock is ticking!

Order business TV ASAP to attract viewers to your bar, restaurant, or other business in time for the most exciting college basketball event of the season.


Save on pro sports packages

As playoffs get closer, snag NBA and NHL sports packages at half-season prices. Plus, new customer deals include a bill credit of up to $300 on MLB Extra Innings.

New customers only. One-time credit will post to bill after 3/28 start and may take up to 2 billing cycles.


2023–2024 NHL CENTER ICE


The offer

Mid-season rates

Mid-season rates

Up to $300 bill credit

New customers only. One-time credit will post to bill after 3/28 start and may take up to 2 billing cycles.

The content

Up to 40 out-of-market games per week for the rest of the season

Up to 40 out-of-market games per week for the rest of the season

Up to 90 out-of-market games per week all season

Who qualifies

New & existing customers

New & existing customers

New customers only


Crowd pleasers from the leader in sports TV

Sports channels make a great investment any time of year. Order today or check back anytime for small business deals on the following sports and entertainment.

ESPN+ for Business

Online-only ESPN content, now airing exclusively on DIRECTV.

Extensive NFL coverage

From TNF to NFL Network, NFL RedZone & NFL Sunday Ticket.

Live MMA events

Fight nights from UFC, DAZN, and more on Pay Per View.

20 Yankees games

Available all season on YES Network or MLB Extra Innings.

Willow cricket

24/7 coverage and hundreds of days of live cricket annually.

Barvanna channel

Onscreen trivia and games while the wings get made.


Boost sales with MVP Marketing

Subscribe to any DIRECTV sports package, and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the MVP Marketing program. Available to current and new customers, MVP Marketing hooks you up with print and digital marketing tools to make the most of your investment.

Custom promo materials

Use your 225 new customer credits on league marketing kits with your bar’s name printed on them. Options include banners, posters, coasters, and more.

Listing in Sports Bar Finder

Help sports fans find you with a listing in the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder app. First you build a profile, then you highlight the sports you offer to give fans a reason to visit.

Weekly sports schedules

Check the list of upcoming games so you know what to advertise. Then update your Sports Bar Finder profile or announce on social media, flyers, or onsite chalkboards.

Revenue and profit calculator

Use the DIRECTV sports profit calculator to predict how much you’ll bring in. Estimates are based on average customer orders and likely volume per week.

Must subscribe to ESPN or any one premium sports package to be listed on the Sports Bar Finder mobile app.

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Food and drink retailers can turn casual visitors into regulars with Public Viewing packages.

Goods and service providers can reduce perceived wait times with Business Viewing packages.

Office spaces can improve employee satisfaction with Private Viewing packages.

Frequently asked questions

What types of businesses can benefit from DIRECTV for Business deals?

Whatever business you run, DIRECTV small business deals can change it for the better. Bars and restaurants have the potential to boost sales, for example, while salons, auto shops, and even private offices could improve customer or employee satisfaction. Just ask DIRECTV business customers: 92% of them agree that adding DIRECTV has been a good decision.6

6Based on a February 2023 national survey of Business-viewing subscribers who expressed an opinion.

How can I customize my package to suit my business needs?

DIRECTV offers four business TV packages to help you pinpoint the channels you want at a price that works. To take your plan to the next level, consider these add-ons:

  • Sports packages with broad coverage of the leagues you care about

  • Music channels to create the mood you want at your location

Can I upgrade or modify my DIRECTV for Business package if my needs change?

Always. To upgrade or modify your business TV plan, call 1.888.388.4249.

How can I find out about the latest DIRECTV for Business deals?

For up-to-the-minute DIRECTV offers, call 1-833-397-1901. You can also bookmark this page and check back anytime.