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Order the Latest Entertainment with Your Remote

With DIRECTV's huge selection of Pay-Per-View content, you can order the latest entertainment with just the push of a button. Browse through the newest movie releases, sporting events, concerts and more. Simply place the order with your remote and start watching. DIRECTV's Pay-Per-View content is added to your monthly bill.

High-Definition Pay-Per-View

For DIRECTV customers with HD-ready televisions and receivers, you can tune in to channel 99 for our selection of HD Pay-Per-View movies and original programming.

24-Hour Availability

For those times you've just got to see it again, DIRECTV offers Pay-Per-View titles that are available for 24 hours. You only pay once, but you get to watch your selected event any time during the broadcast day.


See your favorite movies the way the director intended. With DIRECTV Letterbox, you'll get the original movie-screen width in an uncut form. It's just like being in the theatre. Just select Letterbox format when you order your Pay-Per-View movies.

Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital is the latest surround-sound encoding from Dolby Laboratories. For DIRECTV customers with Dolby Digital audio receivers, you can receive various Pay-Per-View movies in Dolby Digital-formatted audio.

Spanish Audio

Spanish audio is available at no additional charge for many Pay-Per-View movies and events. You can get popular events such as wrestling and boxing matches in Spanish. Simply press the "SAP" or "ALT AUDIO" button on your remote control, and enjoy your Pay-Per-View options with Spanish audio.