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Genie HD DVR: Your Every TV Wish, Granted

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What Is Genie & How Does It Work?

Our Genie HD DVR gives you full HD functionality on all your TVs, and lets you record up to five shows at once while storing up to 200 hours of HD programming. Genie lets you watch select shows that have aired in the last 72 hours and restart live TV—so even if you’re running late, you’ll never miss a scene.

Here’s how it works: new DIRECTV customers get a Genie receiver included with their service and free standard installation. From there, you can connect up to eight Genie Minis via the Wireless Video Bridge to get full DVR functionality on all your TVs. For more information on how it works or to inquire about DIRECTV Genie pricing, call 1.855.982.9516 . See offer details.


Genie DVR Model

All you need is one Genie HD DVR and you can support up to 8 Genie minis. You can also browse your DVR library from any room in the house, store over 200 hours of HD content, and record 5 HD shows at the same time.

genie 2

Genie 2 DVR Model

Can’t settle for less than the best? The Genie 2 goes above and beyond the original model, letting you record up to 7 HD shows at once, and store up to 450 hours of your favorite programming. Plus, this one is 4K ready: Watch and record 4K content on up to two 4K TVs at once.

genie mini

Genie Mini DVR Model

Thanks to the Genie Mini, there’s no need to get a Genie DVR in every room. Wirelessly pair up to 8 Minis with one Genie DVR to manage your recordings anywhere in the house. Plus, it’s no larger than a small notebook, so you can easily hide it from sight.

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Watch up to eight channels on one HD channel

Get up to eight sports broadcasts on one HD channel with Mix Channels on DIRECTV. Plus, watch dedicated Mix Channels and get exclusive access to NFL SUNDAY TICKET, along with golf and tennis majors.

genie remote

Genie Remote: Command Your TV with the Touch of a Button

The Genie Remote is designed with the modern-user in mind. It’s small, compact design includes only the essential buttons, so it’s easy to control and understand, right from the get-go. Selecting RF mode lets you connect with your DVR or TV even if you’re not pointing directly at them, so you can stay comfy in your couch or bed without sitting up.

  • Press R to record a show, and press R twice to record a whole series.

  • Click the menu button to browse by recording and get show recommendations.

  • Fast forward and backwards with 30 second intervals using the advance button.

  • Skip back six seconds with the replay button if you missed something.

family watching show

Put Basic TV Back in the Bottle

Everyone in the family has a show they just can’t afford to miss. Thanks to the Genie, you can eliminate recording conflicts and record 5 shows at once. The Genie 2 even lets you store up to 450 hours of HD programming—and that’s just the beginning:

  • Schedule your DVR with Amazon Alexa

  • Watch two channels at once with Picture in Picture

  • Stream live shows at the same time on up to 4 TVs

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